About the artist

Dr. Ulrich Backes (* 1955), aka Time4render, is a German digital artist, working from Radolfzell / Germany.
Originally studied Physics, he most recently focused his technical work on ray tracing and now devotes himself entirely to the artistic side of this technology. He designs abstract scenes with lighting in the 3D modeling software Blender.

Ulrich’s mostly abstract-minimalist images are created through an intense use of light, which is transmitted or reflected by the many surfaces of his virtual objects, and which breaks the boundaries of the painter’s classical play with light and darkness. He has a strong preference for simple, sometimes architectural-looking geometry, futuristic landscapes and crystalline-looking compositions. Sometimes his 3D renderings are also reminiscent of dream images that captivate the emotions of the viewer. Ulrich’s vision is influenced by various elements: from science fiction films to contemporary architecture, but also by sensitive themes such as personal moods or feelings.

“Through my art, I invite the viewer to slow down for a moment and discover his own personal stories in the images.”


2023 „Radolfzeller Künstler*innen“ , Villa Bosch Radolfzell
2022 “Kulturnacht Radolfzell”, Milchwerk
2020 „Neue Arbeiten“, Städtische Galerie Überlingen
2020 „Internationaler Bodenseeclub Neue Künstler“, Gunzoburg Überlingen
2019 „Radolfzeller Künstler Vol. 2“, Villa Bosch Radolfzell


2023 Art Limited Excellence Award for RGB23-E1

Artistic training

2022 Painting seminar “Warum Malen?”, Bernard Lokai
2020 Painting seminar “Innenwelt und Außenwelt”, Sid Gastl
2020 Admission to the International Bodenseeclub (IBC), Section of Fine Arts
2018 Acrylic painting seminar, Mick Starke
2017 Acrylic painting seminar, Frederick Bunsen
2012 - 2016 Self-study raytracing, image perception, professional colour mixing
1990 - 2010 Self-study furniture design, lamp design, graphic design

Technical career

2021 Retirement (as an employee)
2020 Core Product Architect Sensors at BCS-AIS, Radolfzell
2013 Technical Specialist Sensor Technologies at BCS-AIS, Radolfzell
2006 Technical project leader at TRW Radolfzell
1999 Group leader advanced development electronics; TRW Radolfzell
1990 Consultant New Technologies; Eckardt GmbH Stuttgart
1985 Development Engineer; Research Center SEL AG Stuttgart
1974 - 1985 Physics studies and PhD, RWTH Aachen
1955 Born in Viersen / Rheinland / Germany