My art and me

Scenic-abstract 3d digital art

My images should immerse the viewer in strange worlds, and thereby appear as abstract as possible and gladly also mysterious.

To do this, I begin to work on a new piece in a specific mood with a spatial, “inner image”. This could be, for example, a nighttime crime scene with fog. I then design the “scene” on my computer using the 3D modeling program Blender, following as reductionistic a rendering as possible.
Alternatively, I will use mathematical elements provided by the program (e.g. mirrors or lenses), and let myself be surprised by the result of this “generative strategy”.

In both cases, analogous to studio photography, the process of lighting and exposure follows in the computer. After many modifications a digital photo is created, which will be finally published as a “fine art print limited edition”. Most of the works are produced with an edition of 1, i.e. there is only one signed original.