Virtual abstract scenery, abstract digital art, raytracing, computer-rendered image, 2016. Thin vertical sheets of paper hang in a room with their edges facing the viewer. All sheets are colored red on the left side and blue on the right side. The sheets are arranged in 9 cubes from closely packed stacks, always leaving some air between the sheets. The perspective gives the impression of partly cube-shaped, partly curved forms.
[Raytracing / Print 2016]

I like to experiment with a periodic arrangement of simple geometric bodies. In this case it is about thin sheets of paper, which are all painted blue on one side and red on the other side. Many sheets hang next to each other and form a cube-like structure. 9 such identical “cubes” complete the completely ordered picture. The layout itself is rather monotonous. Only through the perspective the impression of partly cube-shaped, partly curved shapes emerges, whereby there is a blue and a red side of the picture.