Virtual abstract scenery, Abstract digital art, Raytracing, Computer-rendered image, 2021. A child's swing stands alone and lost in the backlight of the moon on a bare, flat surface in the dark of night. It has been raining and the crescent moon is reflected in the puddles.
[Raytracing / Print 2021]

The motif arose from an inner image “Farewell to childhood”. My first association with the theme was a playground that no one may want to enter. This could be represented classically by a fence around it. Minimalistically, however, a reduction of the place to one piece of playground equipment and decorations that make it unattractive to use is more appropriate. Finally, I have deliberately chosen the scene of a swing on a dark, rainy night. After all, nobody wants to sit on a wet swing…

The implementation with the help of the ray tracing program was difficult due to low lights. As with taking a real photo, there was a lot of image noise that could only be improved by lengthy experiments with the settings.

Here is a picture of the scene during the day: