Abstract acrylic painting, 2017 at first free design of three colour surfaces, later transfer of the picture into 3D construction and finally painted over in stencil technique, 2018. Viewer stands on red ground in the desert and sees the cool blue sky in the far distance. The way there is marked by a row of black posts in a curve.
[Acrylic painting on canvas 80 x 80 cm, 2017 & 2018]

Shimmering heat
Clear is the way through the sand
into the unknown

2017 I created in the context of an acrylics painting course a simple, intuitive color study using free brushstrokes on canvas:

I liked the picture very much at the beginning. After some time I noticed that it gives the impression of a flickering desert, where the eye cannot find an anchor-point. There is no interesting detail or picture center. Later on I kept thinking about what kind of element could complete the picture. In this process an image of boundary posts (like on a road buried by sand) appeared in my head. These posts should give a clear orientation. First sketches with a straight row of posts were rather disappointing. Finally I transferred the picture as a transparent foreground into a 3D construction software and built several rows of posts behind it:

I experimented until the posts fitted into the painting to match the perspective:

A plausible sun must be extremely glaring in the picture, so the posts will receive a prominent shadow. Without it, they would look hovering. With a flat solar altitude, this finally also worked:

For control purposes I imported the pile image in an image processing software as background:

It looked quite acceptable, but when comparing it with a mirrored version (curve to the right), the latter was the winner.

I transferred the corners of the posts and the shadows to the canvas again after dimensioning the computer draft. I painted the posts with opaque acrylic paint; the shadows were done in glazed paint, all in stencil technique. I thereby really explored the limits of the technique; the work with the masking film was incredibly complex.