Abstract acrylic painting, design in 3D construction software, finished in stencil technique, 2013. skyscrapers stand in a row on the bank of a river and are reflected in it. The water has waves that break the reflection. All picture elements are abstracted by rectangles. Only a circular moon in a dark blue sky breaks this rule.
[Acrylic painting on canvas 60 x 40 cm, 2013]

The painting was created in 2012 as the first acrylic painting in stencil technique. I first designed the scene of a row of sky scrapers on the shoreline, with rectangles arranged in a row on the skyline. The buildings should be seen from the waterside and therefore have a reflection of the same height.
In order to render the image three-dimensional, waves on the water should break through the reflections. I calculated a convenient waving in the construction software and transferred the wave pattern to the picture simply as black horizontal stripes.

I had to accept some mistakes when using opaque paints, adhesive stencils and a brush, but I learned a lot.